Family Law

Premarital Agreements

Established by the Virginia Premarital Agreement Act, a premarital agreement can help protect your premarital assets and allows you to negotiate how assets and liabilities accumulated during the marriage are to be divided.

Other issues that can be set forth in a Premarital Agreement are spousal support considerations and division of retirement benefits

Discussing and negotiating a premarital agreement is tough, and nobody gets married anticipating the relationship will end in divorce, but an experienced attorney can guide you through the process and put a document in place that will save both parties a tremendous amount of stress should the marriage run off the rails and give you the peace of mind of knowing all you have worked for, both before and during the marriage, is not a risk if things don’t work out.

Property Settlement Agreements

A Property Settlement Agreement (PSA) is a contract between a married couple that allows them to negotiate between themselves how child support, spousal support, custody, visitation, health insurance, equitable distribution of assets and liabilities and other issues related to the marriage are to be settled without the stress and expense of court proceedings.

If you and your spouse are attempting to work out a separation and divorce amicably and equitably, a well drafted PSA can smooth out the process. An experienced attorney can explain the basic process and procedure of the court system to assist in determining probable outcomes and exposures to allow you to come to a fair and equitable settlement.

Another benefit of a PSA is that it reduces the required separation period from one year to six months if there are no minor children of the marriage.

Name Changes

There are multiple reasons for name changes from restoring a maiden name subsequent to divorce to correcting a name to agree with legal documents. The process is relatively quick and painless and often does not require a court appearance.